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Welcome to the American Fishing Challenge! The American Fishing Challenge is an online based fishing tournament across the country! The American Fishing Challenge has three series:

-Division Series

-Big Bass Challenge

-Ice Brawl

Keep scrolling down to find out which event is right for you!

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New for 2022 the Division Series splits this great Country into two divisions. First being the Liberty division consisting of the Northern states. Second is the Rebel division consisting of the Southern states. Picture the Mason-Dixon line! Each division will compete in a month-long tournament from May to September. Anglers will accumulate points in each division toward qualifying for the Challenge of Champions in October. The Challenge of Champions will be an invite-only tournament combining both divisions! Entry is only $25 per angler!  

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The AFC Big Bass Challenge is just that! Big Bass only! The Big Bass Challenge is a nationwide tournament that begins May 1st going through the end of September. One (1) largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass submission per angler. All via the TourneyX app. $10 entry fee!

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Online tournament via TourneyX app begins 1.1.2023. The largest combined length of a Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch and a Crappie wins. Anglers can submit only one (1) of each species. Sign up begins late fall 2022!

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